Saturday, April 25, 2009

Farwell # 17

October 2, 1906
Fulton Journal

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Farwell, who live on Dr. W.K. Farley's farm in Ustick, are receiving the congratulations of numerous friends, all owing to the arrival of a bouncing baby boy in their home, Friday, September 28. Mr. Farwell was advised to telegraph the news to President Roosevelt as this makes him the father of seventeen children, all living, and twelve of them remain under the parental roof and form a very interesting and unusual scene when they gather at the long dining table to partake of their meals.

T.R. Farwell

September 25, 1906
Fulton Journal

J.D. Farwell was in town Saturday and called at our office and gave us an introduction to his youngest son, who is the latest representative of sixteen children all living, who call Jay "father." This boy is twenty-one months old, twenty-one inches tall and wears trousers with all the grace of a Beau Brummel. He shakes his curly head when he responds to the name of Theodore Roosevelt Farwell, but when you call him "Teddy" he smiles and is Johnny on the spot, bubbling over with rougish fun. He is the littlest big good looking boy of the Farwell family and can wind the old man around his little finger every time he crooks it.

They Voted for Abraham Lincoln

Fulton Journal
February 12, 1909

Many Survivors in Fulton who Supported Lincoln for President.
Today marks the centennial anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln which recalls many reminiscences, especially among the supporters of the great emancipator during his presidential campaigns.
While Fulton has none that claims any relationshuip to the martyred president, yet there are several still living in this city who voted for him when he was elected president.
Among those now residing in Fulton, who were ardent supporters, and voted for Abraham Lincoln for the highest office in the nation are--
Dr. C.A. Griswold, E.D. Chapman, John Stuart, G.A. Durkee, J.W. Hurlbut, L.P. Hill, James A. Kyle, J.H. Goble, Dr. S.G. Seeley, George C. Loomis, H.L. Houghton, R.E. Lay, George Hansen, W.P. Culbertson, Milo Jones, J.M. Fay, J.W. Ross, William Cupp, David Baker, John Munneke, George C. Bugbee, H. Worthington, H. Pease, Hoken Hanson, L.N. Reed, G. Utz, P.C. Coster.
Those who were residents of Fulton at that time were Dr. Griswold, and Messrs. Culbertson, Stuart, Jones, Chapman and Munneke.