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Fulton Journal
May 20, 1890

The death of Preston King Seaman occurred at his residence in Clinton Sunday night.  He is said to have been the first white child born in the town of Clinton, and the date of his birth is August 11, 1856.  He was married to Miss Margaret Inslee, June 18, 1885.  The funeral will be held at two o'clock Wednesday afternoon and will be under the auspices of La Fayette Lodge, No. 44, Knights of Pythias.

Harm Akker

Fulton Journal
May 20, 1890

   Saturday Hiram Akker and Ellen Akker celebrated their golden wedding.  They were married in Holland, May 16, 1840.  On account of the funeral that was held Friday the golden wedding was held on Saturday.  They are the parents of eight children, three are living, two being present at the wedding and presented Mr. Akker with a gold headed cane, and Mrs. Akker with a gold thimble.  There were several other nice presents.  Rev. Te Winkle was present and several of their old country friends.  Mr. and Mrs. H. Akker have lived in this country twenty-four years.  They lived on a farm fourteen years, then moved to Fulton where they have resided for the past ten years.


Fulton Journal: March 14, 1890

   Mrs. Euphema Roach desires to inform the multitude that there will be a children's concert in the Roach tabernacle on the Hill at 2 o'clock p.m., Saturday, March 15, 1890, Anno domini.

Fulton Journal: March 18, 1890

To whom may concern: At 2 o'clock P.M. Thursday March 20, 1890, Anno Domini, deo volente, I am to be married to Josiah Brown, Esq.  If you have aught to say relieve yourself or forever hold your peace.
                Fraternally yours,
                         Mrs. Nancy Roach.
                                 Her Mark  +

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Fulton Journal
July 30, 1912

Headquarters for Choice Cigars
Among our popular brands of Five Cent Cigars you will always find
Brown Beauties, Bradley, Cineo, Cuban Seal, Phil Sheridan, Cremo, Doctor, Davenport, Havana Sticks, Palmer House, Henry George, Hand Made, Harvester, John Ruskin, Sin Par
Besides a score of other unexcelled brands.  We have a supply of smoker's articles of all kinds.
E.F. Johnson, Fulton, Ill.
Fulton Journal
July 30, 1912


If you are looking for the best and most serviceable car on the market, let me demonstrate the workings of the Ford or the Halliday.  They are easily handled and have no superior.
I handle all kinds of lubricating oils and greases such as Polarine Engine Oil, Granite Harvester Oil, Arco Automobile Oil, Arco Transmission Grease, Eureka Belt Dressing and Arco Spotz Off Polish for brass, copper and nickel.
                 ROY SIKKEMA
Cor. Fourth St. & Thirteenth Ave., Fulton, Illinois

Anthony and Nancy Roach

Fulton Journal:  February 21, 1979
Bastian:  There are numerous pieces of Mr. Booth's writings that are quotable.  Perhaps one of the finest was in the Fulton Journal dated Sep.17, 1868.  Anthony Roach had been a slave. Tried to enlist in the United States Army but was rejected because of his age.  He stayed with the army and did odd jobs.  He came to Fulton finally and the lonesome years pressed heavily.  The editor of the Journal ran a kindly notice to help the old man:  "INFORMATION WANTED--ANTHONY WAYNE ROACH, A COLORED MAN ONCE A SLAVE IN DECATUR COUNTY, TENN. AND NOW LIVING IN FULTON, WHITESIDE, COUNTY, ILL. BEING VERY ANXIOUS TO LEARN THE WHEREABOUTS OF HIS TWO SONS, ONE DAUGHTER AND A STEP-DAUGHTER, WHO WERE ALL SOLD AT AUCTION ON THE BLOCK AT DECATURVILLE, TENN. IN 1854, AS FOLLOWS:...THUS BEING WIDELY SEPARATED FOR FOURTEEN YEARS, WOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR ANY INFORMATION THAT WOULD LEAD TO THE DISCOVERY OF EITHER OR ALL OF THEM.  HE SAYS, "I AM NOW OLD AND HAVE NOT A CHILD NEAR TO GIVE ME A DRINK OF WATER.  PUBLISHERS IN THE SOUTH AND WEST WILL CONFERE A SPECIAL FAVOR BY GIVING THIS NOTICE A PLACE IN THEIR COLUMNS."

Fulton Journal
April 13, 1877
Mrs. Roach, a colored woman who formerly lived near the stone quarry in the upper part of town, but removed to Clinton some time ago, has returned and announces herself in readiness to perform laundry work for persons wishing to engage her services either at her old residence or at the houses of her patrons.

Fulton Journal
April 5, 1898
  Aunt Nancy Roach is dead.  The dissolution occurred Saturday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sarah Williams, in Clinton.  Mrs. Roach was born in slavery in the state of Georgia many years ago, close on to 100, it is thought.  She was sold to a planter in Tennessee and resided there at the close of the war, when she removed with her husband to Sterling and then to this city.  She was a familiar character in this city until about three years ago, when she went to live with daughter in Clinton.  The funeral was held this afternoon at 2 o'clock.