Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tea Party

Fulton Journal: Oct. 3, 1879

The Presbyterian Church in Fulton in the 1870’s was a hub of social activity. This Fulton Journal article highlighted a gathering with children.

“The Baby’s Tea Party in the basement of the Presbyterian church last Friday afternoon and evening was a pleasing entertainment. Thirty children under three years of age were present. Their names and ages were as follows:
Jimmie Bennett, 6 mo; Louis H. Bally, 5 mo. Pearl Bryning, 17 mo; Ulah M. Chapman 3 yrs; Nora Almira Conly, 2 mo; Ruth Dutcher 4 mo; Helen Downy, 3 years; Florence E. Fay, 3 yrs. Hettie Filkins, 9 mo; Charlie Herrold, 3 yrs; Roy Herrold, 1 yr; Baby Hardin, 6 mo; Jane Kirk, 7 mo; Laura Loomis, 9 mo; Helen Lachmund, 1 yr; Baby Larue, 2 mo; U.S. Grant Morgan, 3 yrs; Louis Ehrich Morgan, 7 mo; Ivan Mitchell, 6 mo; Mary Mitchell, 3 yrs; Irene Mitchell, 9 mo; Ruth Parker, 7 mo; Baby Reed, 5 mo; Ruby Summers, 13 mo; Ruby Smith, 2 yrs and 6 mo; Harry Smith, 2 yrs; Spencer Williams, 20 mo; Nellie Curtiss Kinney, 3 yrs; George Rogers Kinney, 5 mo; Maud Edith Kitel, 7 mo.
A very pleasing feature of the “tea party” was the arrangement of fifteen of these children around one low table fitted up for them.
A large company of parents and friends of the children participated in the social features of the occasion. Oysters, peaches, ice cream and cake were served. Jennie and Arthur Griffith gave recitations in their usual happy style, for the entertainment of those present.”