Monday, February 9, 2009

Show Girls

Fulton Journal
December 6,1912

Invade Fulton and Step up to Bar and Call for War Medicine

There was a show troupe that plays "The Sweetest Girl from Paris" that included twenty or more chorus girls that got off a train in Fulton Wednesday and when they got up town they boldly entered the saloons and going up to the bar made a noise just like a man and then called for "war medicine." They did not seek entrance by any side door or ask to be directed to a wine room, but went brazenly in by the front door and drank beer, etc., just like veteran booze fighters.
It was a thing to be condemned, as there is something very demoralizing connected with women being allowed to enter saloons. There should be an ordinance prohibiting women frequenting saloons under a penalty of having the saloon's license revoked. The spectacle of a lot of silly chorus girls half drunk entering saloons and drinking with men is something rank. Boys and girls on the street watched the performance and it could not but be demoralizing. Such a thing should never be allowed to occur in this town again, as it was an outrage on decency and the proper control of the liquor traffic.