Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lyons Fulton Bridge

Fulton Journal
June 30, 1891
The First to Cross

Saturday evening at seven o'clock the first team crossed the high bridge. It was Ira Stockwell's handsome span of blacks attached to a barouche containing Mr. Stockwell holding the ribbons, and the following other gentlemen all members of the board of directors of the Lyons and Fulton Bridge: J.K.P. Balch, S.W. Gardiner, C.L. Root, G.W. Ashton and J.A. Nattinger. Although for some distance there was no railing on either side and that where the structure is sixty or seventy feet above the water, yet the transit was safely accomplished. The party drove about our city and then returned having enjoyed the honor of being the first to ride over the handsome bridge.