Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Close It Up

April 14, 1893
Fulton Journal
The hotel owned and conducted by Mrs. Stanwood near the Junction depot in this city, has had a bad reputation for many months. Why the city authorities permitted it to continue to be a nuisance is an unanswered question. It is reported that for several weeks two "soiled doves" have been there, and that it was a very disorderly house. About 10 o'clock Sunday morning Marshal Rush was called there to quell a disturbance. He found nine young men there, mostly from Clinton and Lyons, none from this city. All were in different degrees of intoxication. The young men had been playfully demolishing the windows of the building and some of the furniture. A two-seated surrey and a single buggy had brought the party across the river. They were a well-dressed crowd of young men, and some of them have moved in the higher circles of society in Clinton and Lyons. The marshal arrested the nine men and lodged them in the calaboose. One man who was paralyzed drunk was not put in a cell, but stretched out on some straw. Soon after being left, he revived and got out, but the marshal again captured him and despite his resistance soon had him locked up again. During the day and evening nearly all of the men arrested paid a fine of $10 and costs and were allowed to depart. It would be quite proper for the city officials to close up the house in question, and would have been just as well to have salivated the young men arrested by imposing a fine several times as great.