Tuesday, November 6, 2007

After the Poultry

Fulton Journal: February 15, 1884

R.P. Considine was going home Tuesday night and met a couple suspicious looking men. He watched them and saw one of them enter John Stuart’s hennery about 11 o’clock. He awoke Mr. Stuart and they captured Cornelius Mosher, with a sack in which was a duck. Moser was locked up for the night, and Wednesday morning was examined before Justice Terwilliger for burglary under the law of 1877. He could not give $500 bonds and so J.W. Farley, constable, took him to the county jail for safe keeping. Mosher is a hard looking citizen more than fifty years old. He had colored his hair but the gray was visible. He came to Fulton last Fall and has made his home with Chris. Rheinhart, who bears a bad reputation. It was probably Rheinhart who was with him at the time and has not materialized since.