Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome Home

Fulton Journal: October 8, 1875
Mrs. Peter Kitchen was the recipient of a genuine surprise on her return home on Friday afternoon last. Some 14 weeks ago she started on a visit to her father's at Grand Rapids, Mich. Only think of it. Peter a forlorn widower for 14 weeks! But little recked he as along as the good wife was improving in health in the invigorating climate of the Wolverine state. But the air becomes pretty chilly away down in Michigan as November approaches, and Mrs. K. concluded to come home and comfort Peter. Several of her female friends got information that she would be in Fulton on Friday afternoon and concluded to give her a peaceful but nevertheless warm welcome home. So they quietly went to her residence, gathered in the parlor and closed the door. As soon as she had entered the sitting room and laid away her wraps, the leader went out, embraced her, kissed of course, and bid her welcome back to old Fulton and her friends. Then another came out, and went through the same affectionate performance, and then another, and then another, until she was surrounded by nearly a score of fond, devoted hearts. She was deeply affected by the demonstration, but the cheerful spirits of her friends soon restored her, and for several hours thereafter the party was the happiest that Fulton has seen for some time. And Peter is also happy.