Sunday, September 28, 2008

50 Years Later: Fulton Museums

Fulton Journal: November 10, 1955

To the Editor:
Recently I visited Grant's home and Galena's museum. I didn't especially care to see either, having seen so many in our own country, and Europe--including the British museum. However I really enjoyed looking at the exhibits,some antique and some not so antique. It is a museum of which Galena may well be proud.
Then I began to wonder why more cities don't have their own museums. Why can't Fulton have one? As I thought of the descendants of the first settlers of our fair city and of the descendants of the first families among our Holland people I could not help but visualize the lovely and interesting articles that have been kept in attics and trunks for years: things that are treasured yet still are a nuisance because there really is no room for them. Were these placed in a museum, they would be safe,cared for, and shared. The boys and girls of our schools would like to have the opportunity of seeing them and learning about them in connections with their history, geography and science.
We have had our centennial which was a credit to the people of Fulton and thoroly enjoyed by all because all co-operated to make it a success. Why can't we co-operate in a museum project, not as a city but as the folks who live here? It would be such fun and increase our unity and friendliness. It's a project to which old and young can bring their wisdom and enthusiasm.