Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Odd Outfit

Fulton Journal: June 20, 1911

Saturday afternoon an odd outfit appeared on the streets of Fulton. It comprised two men, two women, a bunch of swarthy children and four cinnamon bears. The outfit traveled about in three wagons, two of which were covered and occupied by the men, women and children and the other was provided with a cage in which to carry the bears. The men and women resenbled Russians, but claimed that they were Cubans. While in town the men led two of the bears through the business streets and the other two made a canvass of the residence portions of the town. They begged from store to store and from house to house, and for a nickel or a dime given them the bears would be made to dance. The animals would wind up their stunt by climbing a tree or telephone pole.