Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Fulton Journal: July 23, 1909

Thomas R. Daley Shot at a Supposed Chicken Thief, Who Dropped Bundle of Stolen Goods.

Wednesday morning Thomas R.Daley, who is a night watchman at the Patent Novelty company's plant and resides across the street from the factory, heard a noise among the chickens about four o'clock and on looking out of the window at the plant saw a man prowling around his hen house. He ran out of the factory and fired a shot at the intruder.
The man carried a bundle and when the shot was fired he dropped it and ran south along the Burlington track towards the depot.
Mr. Daley then went to his poultry house where he found that nothing had been disturbed. In looking around he found a large bundle in a sort of a coffee or sugar sack lying by the fence. He picked it up and found in it fourteen pairs of pants, and an overcoat. All were new and had evidently been stolen from a car or or some freight house as there were no cost marks or prices on them other than the sizes and lot number used by the manufacturer.
City Marshal Archie Goble was notified and the stolen articles were taken to the city hall. On the sack that contained the goods was stenciled the name, "T.M. Gobble Co., Clinton, Iowa."
The articles found are not high priced, but of the cheaper grade, the pantaloons are of the kind that usually sell for $1.50 a pair.