Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Fulton Journal

January 12:
Prominent Clinton Firm Has Located in Fulton
The Pointer Supply company of Clinton, which was incorporated under the laws of Iowa in October, 1909, and had since been doing business in that city, dealing exclusively in jobbing Pointer beer, a product manufactured and bottled by the Clinton Brewing company, has moved its place of business to Fulton, and now occupies the store owned by the Fulton Realty company north of the Fulton Drug company.
The office in Fulton which is now the headquarters for the company, is in charge of Fred A. Upton, the principal stockholder and general manager. Mr. Upton is a reliable businessman, who was born and raised in Lyons He devotes his entire time and attention to looking after the business of the company.
In connection with the Pointer Supply company, John G. Scott, successor to J.H. White, has a wholesale liquor office in the same building. Mr. Scott was for many years traveling salesman for J.H. White in the wholesale liquor business, and since his death has been the proprietor.

February 2:
The Potosi Brewing company of Potosi, Wis., has leased the room just vacated by E. Bos, the tailor in the Lemke block on Twelfth avenue and will open a branch house in this city. The business in Fulton will be in charge of Lawrence Carstensen, who for several months had been manager of the Val Blatz Brewing company's house in Fulton. The business of this firm is largely in the states adjoining Illinois.

February 9:
Two Wholesale Beer Licenses Were Granted at Session Held Tuesday Night.
Tuesday evening at the meeting of the city council, the mayor and all of the aldermen were present. Two petitions, one from the Potosi Brewing comnpany of Potosi, Wis., and other from the Gund Brewing company of LaCrosse, Wis., each to conduct the wholesale beer business in Fulton, were accepted and the clerk instructed to issue licenses upon receipt of the city treasurer for the payment of the license fee.
The Potosi company will conduct its business in the Lemke block on Twelfth avenue, and the Gund company will erect a portable building on the block south of the Burlinton depot for its place of business, which will be in charge of S.J. Jordan of Clinton.