Saturday, May 16, 2009

Family Reunion: Green

Fulton Journal
August 9, 1889

A birthday anniversary was held August 4th in honor of Mrs.Susanna Green, in Ustick, at the residence of Mrs. John Pape, by her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and a few old neighbors and friends to the number of seventy-five. There were present thirty-two great grandchildren, twenty-five grandchildren and six of her own children. Five other children scattered around in other states could not be present. Mrs. Giles Hoover, of Ohio, came last Wednesday, and Mrs. Edward Height, of Winfield, Iowa, came Thursday to celebrate their mother's birthday. They will visit friends and relatives for two or three weeks and then return home. Mr. and Mrs. Birt Embick, of Leaf River, her grandchildren, were present. Mrs. Susanna Green is very smart, and gets out around as active as lots of folks at sixty, and this being her 90th birthday, speaks well for this venerable old lady. She raised a family of twelve children, and eleven of them are living now. Moses A. Green is the oldest child and Mrs. Pape is the youngest. At about noon two tables were spread out under the shade of two large maple trees and they were spread with a bountiful supply of food. About three o'clock a fervent prayer was offered by George Pape, of York, and after a good handshaking with the old lady all wended their way home thinking they had spent a very pleasant day.