Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lockhart School Picnic

Fulton Journal
June 18, 1915

The Lockhart school in Gardenplain closed last week Thursday with a picnic and a large crowd in attendance. After a fine dinner the people were entertained by a program given by the pupils of the school.
Twenty-five pupils were on the roll of honor for the year, and three others were absent or tardy only once. The teacher presented these scholars with a handsone pin with the name "Lockhart" engraved on it. To show that the district is well satisfied with Miss Church's work as teacher, the directors have engaged her for the next term at $90 a month.
Roll of Honor for 1914-1915
Arthur Workman, Maggie Ottens, Carl Jacobsen, Earl Schipper, Katie DeWeerdt,
Willie Ottens, Lutie Dornbush, Rena Damhoff, Henry Eissens, Gertrude Poole, Frankie Workman, Grace Poole, Katie Ottens, Harry Sterenberg, Johnnie DeWeerdt, Johnnie Dornbush, Johnnie Damhoff, Tena Holesinger, Joe Pesman, James Jacobsen, Tena Pesman, Effie Ottens, Jennie Poole, Johnnie Poole, Freddie Sterenberg.
Tardy once--Annie Temple, Jake Temple
Absent one day only--Otto Holesinger