Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thomas Smith: 1st Dutchman in Fulton

Fulton Journal
February 25, 1896

Thomas Smith was assaulted and robbed at his home on Base street Monday evening. Two or three of Mr. Smith's friends had called on him during the evening the last one to leave was Carl Deelsnyder who left a few minutes after 8 o'clock. He had been gone but a few minutes when Mr. Smith heard a rap at the door and supposed it was Mr. Deelsnyder returning. When he opened the door he was confronted with three young men who forced their way into the room. When they first entered the room they began to jostle Mr. Smith around making all efforts possible to confuse him. This did not have the desired effect and they then bound his hands and feet and placed a gag in his mouth. One of the young men stood guard over Mr. Smith while the others ransacked the house. They did not find much of value and began to abuse Mr. Smith by striking him on the temples with the butt of a revolver cutting an ugly gash over his left eye and also striking him with their fists in his chest. After punishing him in that manner for a time and securing what money Mr. Smith had in the house, which was about $35 they left him. Mr. Smith finally worked loose the rope with which he was bound and went on the street to give the alarm the first man he met was Dr. L. Barber who returned to the house with him and remained until Garrett O'Connor night policeman was called. No trace was discoverd of the robbers Monday evening. Mr.Smith is rather sore from the bruises he received.