Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blind Charlie

Fulton Journal
August 15, 1899

Charles Baker, of Ustick, known to the people of this section as "Blind Charlie" and his wife are in poor circumstances.  He has been running a store at the bluffs northeast of town a few miles for many years.  But the profits were small and even with donations from neighbors and help from the town it has been a hard struggle to live.  Old age and sickness have prostrated the unfortunate man, and his wife who has done all she could to care for him finds that her health is broken by the infirmities of age and she can no longer perform their simple household duties.  The neighbors after counseling with the supervisor went to Mr. and Mrs. Baker and kindly told them that they would receive better care and all the necessaries and many comforts of life at the county house, and advised them to prepare for the inevitable as it was no longer safe or humane to leave them without some attendant to care for them.  The aged couple who have endured many misfortunes will be removed to the county infirmary within a few days, although they broke down and wept at the thoughts of never again having a home of their own.