Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1900 Fulton City Ordinances

From the Revised Ordinances of the City of Fulton, 1900: Owned by Fred K. Bastian.


Section 2. No person being naked or having the person indecently exposed shall swim or bathe in the Mississippi river, or in any place exposed to public view, between the hours of one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.

Section 10. If the owner or keeper of any disorderly or gambling house, or house of ill-fame, or any house or place reasonably supposed to be such, shall refuse to permit the mayor, or any alderman, the city marshal, or any police officer to enter the same, it shall be lawful for the mayor, or any alderman, the city marshal, or any police officer, so being refused entrance, to enter or cause the same to be entered by forcibly breaking the doors or otherwise, and to arrest, with or without warrant, all persons found therein violating any law or ordinance, or subject to reasonable suspicion thereof.

Section 14. No person shall in said city store or keep more than one hundred pounds of gunpowder, at any one time, within one hundred and fifty feet of any other building.

Section 15. No person shall ride or drive any horse or other animal in any street or other public place at an immoderate speed.

Section 16. No person, upon turning the corner of any street, or crossing the intersection of any street in said city, shall ride or drive any horse or other animal with greater speed than at the rate of six miles an hour.

Section 23. No person shall use or propel by riding the same, any velocipede or bicycle upon any sidewalk of the city of Fulton.

Section 27. No person shall erect or maintain on or near the line of any public street any fence constructed in whole or in part of barbed wife.

Section 36. No persons shall play at ball of any description, or engage in other out-door games or athletic exercises within the corporate limits of this city on Sunday.