Monday, September 3, 2007

Pointer Beer

Fulton Journal: June 22, 1934

Kiwanians Visit Pointer Brewery

Wednesday noon twenty-two members and guests of the Fulton Kiwanis club were guests of the Pointer Brewery Company at Clinton. The guests were seated at a long table heaped with all the delicacies of the “Dutch Lunch” and foamy mugs of Pointer beer were placed at every plate.
After the bountiful repast the guests were divided into three groups and conducted through the brewery, where the different processes were explained.
From the boiler room where the great boilers fired by modern power stokers furnish the steam for the various machines throughout the entire plant one was impressed by the immaculate cleanliness that is maintained. Two great ice machines, one of twenty-five ton capacity and another of forty-five tons capacity, are used to keep the temperatures correct in the various rooms and tanks.
Great bins on the top floors store the barley and malt and feed through tubes into the mixing vats where the hops are added and the mixture processed before going to the enormous kettle where the brewing is done. From the kettle the beer is pumped to huge cooling vat and from there it drains slowly over an immense cooling rack of pipes where it drains into another vat. From there it is pumped to the fermenting rooms where it is processed for seven days and then pumped to aging tanks. The rooms containing the fermenting and aging tanks are kept at about forty degrees at all times.
After the beer is properly aged it is filtered into finishing tanks on the ground floor. These tanks are kept locked by the U.S. government locks and when one is filled a government inspector will collect the tax and remove the locks. From these tanks the beer goes to the bottling and keg departments where it is packed for delivery. Throughout the entire plant rigid inspection and cleanliness insure the utmost purity in Pointer beer.