Sunday, June 15, 2008

Attempted Suicide

Fulton Journal: May 30, 1884

Thursday evening a little before 6 o'clock, Charles Utz, of this town, cut his throat with a butcher knife. Doctors C.A. Griswold and H.M. Kennedy were summoned and succeeded in taking up the arteries, so that his morning he was able to dress himself and will undoubtedly recover. Charles Utz is twenty seven years old, and works for his father, G. Utz, an old and respected citizen, who is the proprietor of a butcher shop. Charles' worst fault is his love for drink, and this was the cause of the rash act. He has been sick for several days, and Thursday was downtown for the first time. He went home and went to the barn where he cut a gash four and one half inches long in his throat. Some small arteries were severed, but the windpipe and large arteries were not. In answer to the question why he did it, said. "They wanted to hang me yesterday, and today they want to shoot me."