Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bold Highway robbery

Fulton Journal: November 18, 1881

One of Our Citizens Garoted and Pockets Rifled on the Street, Tuesday Night.

On Tuesday evening at nine o'clock, Mr. G. Utz, one of the leading business men of this city, left his store to go home as usual. He had not gone more than a block before he was satisfied that two men were following him, so at the corner near Mrs. Wythe's residence, he stopped to allow them to pass on, but they took that opportunity to carry out their thieving intention. One of the thugs says, "Now take him," and at the same time Mr. Utz was caught by the throat and choked to the ground and struck several violent blows about the chest. "Go through his pockets," were the only other words that Mr. Utz heard his assailants use, and this order was literally carried out, for a watch, worth $45, keys, knife, and about a dollar in change were roughly taken from his pockets and then the robbers disappeared in the darkness. As the attack was from behind and the night very dark there was no chance for any recognition or after identification of this brace of foot-pads. Mr. Utz went into Mrs. Whythe's and procured a lantern before going home. A JOURNAL reporter called on him on Wednesday and found him in good spirits but feeling rather sore after his rough treatment. Mr. Utz said that as his home was some distance from his place of business, he never carried any money excepting a little change. He expected to be down to his market in a day or two at the farthest and hereafter would guess at the time as this is the second watch he has had stolen in two years. If about a hundred or two of these tramp desperadoes were behind the grates, our citizens would breathe freer and feel safer.