Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bush's Cafe

Fulton Journal: October 11, 1951

50th Birthday and Opening of New Facilities at Bush's

Bush's Cafe will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its founding with an Open House next Thursday.
The Open House also will mark the formal opening of two new features added during recent months, the Wooden Shoe and the Industrial Room.
The Wooden Shoe is a modern cocktail lounge and the Industrial room is a spacious private dining room.
Both are located in the rooms just south of the location occupied by Bush's Cafe for a number of years. the new facilities were added after the building in which they are located was purchased from John L. Poole, Jr., by George W. Bush.
Mr. Bush a native of Fulton, has operated the cafe since April, 1944, when he took over the business after the death of his father, Burnie Bush.
Burnie Bush, a native of The Netherlands, had operated the business in several different locations, for more than 40 years. It was always in the same block on Fourth Street as its present location.
Burnie Bush was brought to the United States by his parents at the age of five. Shortly after he arrived he adopted the name he was to carry the rest of his life, Americanizing it from Esbrand van den Buis.
During his long career as a cafe operator he became widely known, not only as an excellent cook, but also as a sportsman and a colorful figure in the developing community of Fulton.
He lost an arm in a hunting accident and for many years amazed his friends and customers with the dexterity of his work with only one arm.
His son, the present proprietor, has carried on the tradition of his father, and has expanded the business a great deal.
Bush's Cafe is known far and wide as one of the finest steak houses in the Middle West and is a popular eating place for prominent figures in the sports and business world when they are in this section of the country.
Much of the success of the business is attributed to the fact that nearly all of the cooking through the years has been done by Burnie Bush and his son George, ably assisted by his wife, Mrs. Leona Bush, who has been a fulltime partner in the operations of the businss in recent years.
Many visitors from out of town are expected at Bush's next Thursday for the Open House and Anniversary celebration.