Saturday, December 12, 2009

Arrival of Emigrants

Fulton Journal
April 5, 1901

Ben Norman of East Clinton, who went over to Holland last November, returned Wednesday afternoon over the "Q," accompanied by forty-three adults and about sixty children right from the Netherlands.
Two other families were detained in New York on account of sickness. Their friends here were notified in the afternoon of their expected arrival, and long before the train was due, upwards of two hundred or more had gathered at the depot to greet the little band of emigrants. An extra coach was attached to the Mendota passenger train, for their accommodation.
It is said by the railroad men that Conductor Dano is now brightening up a little in his knowledge of languages, especially the Holland. He wants to be able to converse with the next lot of emigrants from the old country that take his train. Even now he greets about every one he meets with the salutation in Dutch, "Hoe's alles?" and John's accent is so remarklably good, that some of the railroad boys question his statement that he is of French extraction.