Saturday, December 12, 2009

Highland Golf Club

Fulton Journal
May 17, 1901
Organized by Fulton Devotees to Outdoor Athletic Sports and Exercise

The persons interested in the formation of a golf club to the number of about twenty met in the college building, Wednesday evening and completed the organization of the club.
The name selected is "Highland," and Rev. Cary F. Moore is the first president. Dr. G.W. Clendenen was elected vice president; Mrs. J.H. Lines, secretary; W.H. Mitchell, treasurer; also E.M. Clark, A.D. Fay and W.F. Murdoch as board of directors.
The club is to be exclusive, only members and invited guests will be allowed on the grounds while a game or practice is in progress. This is made necessary by the owner of the grounds who does not want to throw the field open to the public.
A supply of golf sticks, balls and other accessories will cost each individual from three to ten dollars for an outfit.
You are not in it unless you belong to the Highland golf club, and get onto the nomenclatures of this popular Scottish game.