Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mob Threatens Doctor

Fulton Journal
July 8, 1919

About Forty Men from Northwestern Yards March to Town Yesterday.

The peace and quietude of Fulton was threatened Monday afternoon at about four o'clock when a crowd of about forty laborers from the railroad yards south of town came trooping up Lincoln Way with the intention, it is stated of running Dr. Harrison out of town. Their coming was known and a number of citizens met them near Sikkema's machine shop and after a consultation with the leaders, persuaded the men to disperse and go to their homes, as the charges against Dr. Harrison are to be brought before the circuit court for a hearing.
The men were mostly Hollanders who are employhed in the C. & N.W. terminal yards, and they came into town in an orderly manner and made no demonstrations calculated to disturb the peace. After Claus DeWeerdt and J.J. Sikkema and one or two others talked with the leaders the crowd dispersed and so quietly had it all taken place that but a small number of people knew about the affair. This talk of running citizens out of town or in any way threatening them is unlawful, and persons putting off that kind of propaganda are liable to arrest and punishment if a complaint should be filed against them.