Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Pot Ewrten"

Fulton Journal
July 25, 1919

Several Families have a Jolly time in "Pot Ewrten" Grove

A social supper was served last Tuesday night at "Pot Ewrten" grove. The bill of fair proved to be very appetizing; no tonic needed. After supper the night was passed very pleasantly with boat riding, fishing, and listening to fish stories. Fishing was pretty good, and John Flikkema had the first bite and succeeded in pulling in a good sized bullhead. Later we saw a fish which would take two men to carry off. Nine autos were lined up at once to take the visitors and families home. The following attended this supper and sure had a jolly time: J.E. Temple, George Kolk, Jake J. Sikkema, Ren Boot, M. Dykema, D. VanZuiden, Joe Sikkema, Albert Wiersema, John Flikkema, Henry Flikkema, Rev. Garrett Flikkema, Roy Sikkema, John H. Dykema, P. Dykhuis and the owner of the grove, George Dykema, with their families.