Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Become Citizens

Fulton Journal
October 3, 1916

Numerous Applicants for Naturalization Papers Examined.

Fifteen applicants for their final papers of naturalization are to be examined in the circuit court this term. They are as follows:
William Gerhard Camps, Sterling, German
Jacob Muir, Prophetstown, Holland
Herman John Housenga, Prophetstown, Holland
Mathias Swanson, Morrison, Swedish
John Marshall, Fulton, English
Hugo Dykstra, Morrison, Holland
Peter Voss, Morrison, Holland
Claus Decker, Morrison, Holland
John Claveringa, Fulton, Holland,
John Faber, Fulton, Holland
Korelies Smit, Fulton, Holland
John Teisman, Fulton, Holland
Berndt Albert Watson, Morrison, Swedish
John Van Wieren, Morrison, Holland
Alfred Olyson, Tampico, Sweden