Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Suicide Mrs. Roy Buis

Fulton Journal
February 18, 1921

Upbraided by Her Husband for Unfaithfulness, Mrs. Roy Buis of Chicago Committed Suicide
The Chicago papers of Wednesday contained an article giving a detailed account of the suicide Tuesday evening of Mrs. Roy Buis, who was twenty-three years old and with her husband and four small children resided at 32 South Albany avenue, Chicago, where the deed was committed.
The husband is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius D. Buis, former residents of Fulton. Six years ago Roy Buis entered the employ of the C. B. & Q as freight handler in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Buis had not been living together happily. Tuesday evening he and his wife's brother, Gordon Speechly, returned from work about five o'clock. Roy upbraided Mrs. Buis, accusing her of keeping company with another man. When Mr. Buis and Mr. Speechly went into the kitchen to remove their work clothes, she went into the bedroom and with an automatic revolver shot herself through the heart and died a few minutes later.
Her husband and brother were held for the inquest, which took place Wednesday. The coroner's jury, after hearing the evidence, rendered a verdict of suicide.